500 Japanese Yen banknote



500 Japanese Yen banknote

The Bank of Japan issued Japanese Yen banknotes in 10 different denominations, including this 500 Japanese Yen banknote (Iwakura Tomorni 1951). They are part of the withdrawn Japanese Yen banknotes series. The Bank of Japan started issuing these 500 Japanese Yen banknotes in 1950. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1969.

The note of five hundred yen shows Iwakura Tomomi, the Japanese statesman. Text on the paper banknote reads ‘Nippon Gingko’. The backside of the old ¥500 bill features Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain.

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The 2000 yen note (二千円紙幣 Nisen-en shihei) was issued on July 19, 2000, to commemorate the 26th G8 Summit and the millennium.

It is not a commemorative banknote but a regular series in Japanese law. Known as the D Series, it is the only 2,000 yen note design ever to be printed. The design is similar to that of the other Japanese notes in circulation at the time of the issue.

The obverse has a serial number and depicts Shureimon, a 16th-century gate at Shuri Castle in Naha. In Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. Cherry blossom and chrysanthemum motifs are part of the linear design work in the background.

The reverse side depicts a scene from The Tale of Genji, and a portrait of Murasaki Shikibu, the noblewoman to whom this work of classic literature has been attributed. A copy of a portion of the script from the original work is included.


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