1000 old Polish Zlotych banknote (Nicolaus Copernicus)



1000 old Polish Zlotych banknote (Nicolaus Copernicus)

The Narodowy Bank Polski issued Polish Zloty banknotes in 19 different denominations, including this 1000 old Polish Zlotych banknote (Nicolaus Copernicus). They are part of the old Polish Zloty banknotes series. The Narodowy Bank Polski started issuing these 1000 Polish Zloty banknotes in 1975. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1996.

The famous Polish astronomer Copernicus is featured on this banknote of 1000 old Polish Zlotych, which lost most of its value after years of inflation in Cold War communist Poland. The one thousand zloty banknote was replaced by a coin of 0.10 zloty (10 groszy) when four zeroes were dropped in 1995. Poland’s new currency, the New Zloty (PLN) replaced the Old Zloty (PLZ) at a rate of 10,000 PLZ to 1 PLN.

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The 1965 dated banknote of 1000 Polish Zlotych shows the head of Nicolaus Copernicus in a circle. The Polish astronomer Copernicus formulated the theory of the Heliocentric universe. The back of the old 1000 PLZ banknote shows a diagram of a heliocentric system, with Earth rotating around the Sun.

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